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4 inch hula grub / heart throb Green bluegill magic.


4” Heartthrob Grubs, These baits have a great action, These grubs are great for use on a Texas, Carolina or on an Alabama rig. They can also be used as a spinner bait, buzz bait, or Chatter bait trailer. For Saltwater these would be great as a tandem rig for Sea Trout, Red fish, Flounder, and Snook. the Hula Grub. Rigged on a football jighead, the Hula Grub allows an angler to effectively fish both shallow and deep water. The unique shape of the jig serves to maintain strong contact with the bottom as well as create an enticing rolling action. After all these years, the bait that got it all started is still a serious contender.

The 4" double tail hula grub is a crawdad imitator extraordinaire! In downsized environments, ponds and tanks, rig this bottom crawler with lighter weights and toss it into any dark corner, nook or cranny you can find.


What sets ours baits apart from the rest

 We use top rated plastic in our baits with a elastic additive that gives our baits more stretch, our lures are durable so you can out last and out fish the other guys and unique proven SPECIAL SCENT ADDED that drive fish crazy and made by veterans.

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COLOR: watermelon blue

 10 in a pack.

Sold in clear scent barrier zip bags.

Condition is "New". 

Shipped with USPS Parcel

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please keep your eye out for more lures we are working on coming soon.. thank you for supporting a veteran owned and made company.

we want you to be totally satisfied with any item you purchase from us. Please contact us if you have any questions. If there is any problem with an item please contact us before leaving any feedback. We will do our best to make it right.


Every lure is different may be off from color from the other ones in a pack they are hand made in small batches

On march 09, 2015, ALL IN HUNTING AND ALL IN FISHING obtained a U.S. Trademark

Our Hula Grub is the AI Heart trub grub.

We are not affiliated with GARY YOMAMOTO Hula grub 

10ct 4” Hula Grub Watermelon Blue

$10.99 Regular Price
$9.34Sale Price
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